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Adult Sex Ed Month (#AdultSexEdMonth) 2013 Archive

Adult Sex Ed
5 Things Don Draper Taught Me About Sex, NoStringsDating.net
10 Things You Should Know About Sex After Divorce, HuffPost Divorce
Adults need sex education too, experts say, Toronto Sun
Click Here to Learn About Sex: Is the Future of Sex Ed Online? #AdultSexEdMonth, Kinkly
Educating yourself about Sex, Club Mom
Fact vs Fiction, Ways Women Orgasm
Fantastic Sex City About #AdultSexEdMonth, 101 Vagina & Porn Studies!, Sex in Words
He Said, She Said: 10 Things We Wish Sex Ed Taught Us, HuffPost Women
#AdultSexEdMonth – why do we need to educate adults?, Innocent Loverboy
How Sex Toys and Sex Education Changed My Life #AdultSexEdMonth, Kinkly
Japan Is Shaking Up Sex Ed With A Rad New Poster, Bust
Rerun Worthy: The Sex Education Show, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Sex Education: 7 Mantras To Get You More, Lovehoney
Sex Stories We Love: Sex Ed Videos, Walt Disney and Clitoral Science, Kinkly
So Little Sex Information, Ways Women Orgasm
The Dramatic History of American Sex-Ed Films, Bitch Media
What’s A Sexologist? An Interview With Juliet Allen, Lovehoney Australia
Why we need #AdultSexEdMonth, The Everything Having to do With Sex Show
Why We Need More Sex Ed for Grown-Ups, Kate McCombs, MPH
Why We Need Sex Ed Now, Sex-Kitten.net

Anal Sex
A Girl’s Guide to Anal Sex, Your Tango
Anal Sex Tips – Fun and Safe, Kink, etc.
Anal Training 101 – Beginner’s Guide To Anal Preparation, Angel’s Sex Toys
Ask An Educator: Safer Rimming, Secret Pleasures Boutique
Avid Analist: An Intro To Anal Play And Anatomy, Mr. Will’s House of Thrills
Beginner’s Guide to Anal Sex Toys, Lovehoney
Butt Sex Safety Sugar & Spice – Leather & Lace
Dear T.O. Boys,FACT: Rimming/analingus/oral-anal contact is associated with increased risk of STIs transmitted via skin-to-skin contact including herpes & HPV., Dear T.O. Boys
Dear T.O. Boys, FACT: Studies have found elevated rates of various intestinal infections among persons who practice anilingus., Dear T.O. Boys
How to have good anal sex: understand the body, Seaside Slut Diary
How to Use an Anal Douche, Lovehoney
I’m a man who loves anal sex toys – does it make me gay?, Cara Sutra
Male Anal Exploration – Anal Sex Tips for Beginners, Kink, etc.
Pegging: A Guide on Girl-Guy Backdoor Lovin’, Symone Kitty Nelson
Q: Is Anal Sex Safe?, Condom Depot
Sex news: My girlfriend won’t use anal sex toys on me, Cara Sutra
The Ins and Outs of Pegging – Strapon Sex How To Guide, Kink, etc.
The new black: LOL BUTTS LOL, The Vibe
The sheer poetry of fucking a homophobe up his sweet, prejudiced arse, Cava Supernova
What NOT to put in your butt. Safe Anal Stimulation, Kink, etc.
Why Is The FDA So Anti-Anal?, Condom Depot
You’d Better Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself, Sex-Kitten.net

50 shades of pink – a chap’s intro to BDSM, sextoys.co.uk
BDSM & FemDom Advice: Lifestyle versus Professional Domination, Cara Sutra
BDSM is Good for You!, Little Shop of O’s
BDSM v. Abuse, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
BDSM vs. Abuse, LordMorpheus.com
How to Choose a Beginner Strap-on Harness, My Strap-on
Humiliation and Degradation…Woot!, I Married a Sex God
I Before E, Except After BDSM: Lifestyle BDSM Vs Professional Domination, Sex-Kitten.net
Playing Well with Others: Your Field Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Navigating the Kink, Leather and Bdsm Communities, Tattooed Book Review
Should ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Include The Book’s Grossest Sex Scene?, BDSM

Blindfolds: Seeing the Erotic Possibilities, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

Body Image
Accepting Your Body After Breast Cancer, Expanding Sex Therapy
Beauty Pressure – Onslaught, Little Shop of O’s
Body Awareness, I Married a Sex God
How the Ministry of Thin Enslaves Women, The Daily Beast
Is She Really That Attractive?, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Meet The Plus-Size Porn Star Who’s Fighting Back, Refinery 29
Ms. Q & A: She’s Too Self-Conscious About Her Body, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
The Perfect Vagina — Why is genital cosmetic surgery suddenly so popular?, Stephen Snyder, MD
Unveiling An Imperfect Body To A New Lover, A Sexy Woman of a Certain Age

Introduction to Rope Bondage – Featuring Oh Joy, Sex Toy, Lovehoney
Learning the ropes – introducing bondage to the bedroom, Cara Sutra
Rope Bondage- 101 ways to tie your lover, Kink, etc.
Rope Bondage You Can Get Out Of, Kink, etc.

15 Things You Should Know About Breasts, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Boobs. I Married a Sex God

I went undercover on Ashely Madison to find out why women cheat, The Daily Dot
Research on Cheating, Sex in Words
What to Expect in the Aftermath of Cheating on Your Husband, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

14 Crazy Amazing Facts About The Clitoris, Psychology Today
A Sexy Scientific Discovery: The True Size of the Clit, Sensory Fuse
All About the Clit, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
All About the Clit, Little Shop of O’s
Ask An Educator: Can I Have a Bigger Clitoris?, Secret Pleasures Boutique
Dear T.O. Boys, FACT: The distance between a woman’s clitoris and her vaginal opening predicts her likelihood of having an orgasm during intercourse., Dear T.O. Boys
The clitoris is the female sex organ, Ways Women Orgasmll
Too many people don’t know enough about this important part of our bodies. So let’s learn., Mama Mia
“Warm apple pie”: wisdom from Paul Joannides, AASECT 2014 (part 1), Better Than I Ever Expected

Less Harmful Language, sexplanations
Make Your Desires Heard, Tonic Toronto
My No.1 Tip for Having the Best Sex of Your Life #AdultSexEdMonth, Kinkly
On Talking During Sex, Stephen Snyder, MD
Scarleteen: Why, What, How to Talk to Your Sex Partner, SaferSex.education
SEXLIBS: When condoms make you uncomfortable, _____________, SaferSex.education

3 Tips for Decoding Condom Size, Condom Monologues
4 Things About Condoms You Didn’t Learn in Sex Education, Your Tango
5 Ways to Talk About Smaller Condoms with Your Partner, Your Tango
Choosing Condoms, Freedoms Shop
20 Funny Phrases For Wrapping It Up, The Frisky
Condom love: Find out how amazing safer sex can be, Bedsider
Condom Love: Find out How Amazing Safer Sex Can Be, Your Tango
Condom Size Chart | Find Your Condom Size, Condom Depot
Condoms and Uncircumcised Penises, Condom Depot
Condoms: They’re Not All One Size Fits All, NoStringsDating.net
Dear T.O. Boys,FACT: The average shelf life of a latex condom is two years., Dear T.O. Boys
Find the Best Condom Size and Save Your Sex Life, HuffPost Women
Five Best Condoms For Anal Sex, Condom Depot
Flavored Condoms: Tasty Fun … When You Know the Rules, Kinkly
How to Correctly Measure Your Penis to Find the Perfect Condom Size!, Condom Depot
How Easy Is It To Access Condoms In College?, Condom Depot
How to Choose & Use Condoms: A Better Guide, SaferSex.education
How to Choose the Best Condoms for You and Your Partner, HuffPost Women
How to Use a Condom, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
How to Use a Condom, LovehoneyTV
How to Use a Condom A Complete How-To Guide By Condom Depot, Condom Depot
Internal Condoms, Oh Joy Sex Toy
Love the Glove: 10 Reasons to Love the Condoms…, SaferSex.education
Pick the Perfect Condom for Your Penis, Men’s Health
Scarleteen’s: “Condom User Manual”, SaferSex.education
Q: Which condoms are best for smaller penises?, Condom Depot
Romantic Ways To Ask Your Partner To Use a Condom, Condom Depot
Sex Basics: How do you put a condom on?, Cara Sutra
Staying Hard While Wearing a Condom, Condom Depot
Travel Condoms- Preparing for International Visits, Condom Depot
Weed Like You To Check Out These Marijuana Condoms, Condom Depot
Why Do Condoms Break?, Condom Depot

Consent Discussions in California, Jeana Jorgensen, Ph.D.
Painful First Time Lessons and How to Avoid Them, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
The Meaning Of Consent Has Changed. And That Is Good., SaferSex.education
Would You Do It To A Pet? …and Other Ways to Discuss Deviance & Consent, Jeana Joorgensen, Ph.D.

49 Years After Griswold: A Splintering Legacy, RH Reality Check
Dear T.O. Boys, FACT: The birth control pill is only 100% effective when it’s taken 100% of the time, on time., Dear T.O. Boys
The Lowdown on Vaginal Contraceptive Film (VCF), Condom Depot
Hello, Birth Control!, SaferSex.education
Just How Ineffective Is The Pull-Out Method?, Condom Depot
Some Emergency Contraceptives Found Ineffective For Women Over 176 lbs., Condom Depot
The Greatest Misunderstanding About IUDs- Corrected, SaferSex.education
What To Do When Plan A Fails – Plan B Buying Guide, Condom Depot

Cunnilingus (Female Oral Sex)
Cunnilingus 101 – tips from a self-proclaimed expert, Bree Guildford
How To Eat Pussy – A Magical Guide For Evolved People, My Tiny Secrets
How To Eat Pussy – from #AdultSexEdMonth, Cava Supernova
Key & Peele’s Cunnilingus Class, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Cunnilingus Tips, Tricks and Techniques, Condom Depot
The DOs and DON’Ts of Going Down On a Woman, NoStringsDating.net
The Sex Talk – Kissing and Cunnilingus Do’s and Don’ts, TheSexTalkWebSeries

Could Rejection Be a Positive Thing?, Digital Romance
Date Night with a Kinky Twist, Conscious Intimacy
Discreet Hunting: Meeting Guys & Having Fun without Making a Big Deal About It, NoStringsDating.net
How to Avoid Disappointment in Online Sex Dating, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
How to Make Online Dating More Efficient, Crush
How to Score with Adult Dating Sites, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind’
On Being a Gentleman, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Sex on the first date…, Through the Keyhole
Why I’m All About the Third Date Rule, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

Dental Dams
How to Use a Dental Dam | Safer Oral Sex, Condom Depot
Sex Basics: Beginner’s Guide to Dental Dams; what are they and how do you use them?, Cara Sutra

Dirty Talk
Beginners Guide to Dirty Talk, Little Shop of O’s
Talk Dirty to Me, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

Double Penetration
Double Penetration Possibilities, Sex-Kitten.net

Is This Male or Female Ejaculate?, Condom Depot
Mastery of the Penis, Conscious Intimacy

Erectile Dysfunction
Dating and Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Web MD
ED Solutions For 98 Percent of ED Sufferers That Really Work!, Little Shop of O’s
Fun Ways to Get Around Erectile Dysfunction, Little Shop of O’s
Will A Penis Pump Cure My Erectile Dysfunction?, LovehoneyTV

Does Jelqing Jeopardize Erections?, Condom Depot
How Does a Penis Pump Work?, Lovehoney
Q: What is Condom Pumping?, Condom Depot
The Sex CEO™ – Ask The Sex CEO – Male Erections, Shannel The Sex CEO

Erogenous Zones

Erotic Asphyxiation

Sexual Fantasies: What they mean and what to do about them?, Amy Jo Goddard
Sharing Your Sexual Fantasy With Your Partner, Condom Depot

Fellatio (Male Oral Sex)
8 Ways to Give the Best Blowjob, DatingAdvice.com
A Guideline: The art of the Deep Throat, Symone Kitty Nelson
Give a better BJ with this cucumber, She Knows
How to Give a Sexier, Safer Blowjob, NoStringsDating.net
How to Receive a Blow Job, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
The Fine Art of Strap-on Blowjobs – Sucking Silicone Cock, Kink, etc.
The Perfect Blowjob, The Passionate Wife

Female Condoms
How To Use A Female Condom (FC2), Condom Depot
What’s Up With the Female Condom?, Your Tango

Female Ejaculation, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
4 Steps to Female Ejaculation, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Female Ejaculation: How to Squirt in 5 Simple Steps, Lovehoney
The Secret to Female Ejaculation or ‘Squirting’, Condom Depot
Why We Don’t Know Much About Female Ejaculation, but This is What I do Know From Personal Experience, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

15 Bizarre Sexual Fetishes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of, Mandatory
I Have a Fetish… Now What? How I Learned to Live With and Love My Fetishes, The Unlaced Librarian
Phone Sex Farting Girls Help Clear The Air About Sex Fantasies, Sex-Kitten.net
Today’s Phone Sex Tip: Fetish Map, Phone Sex Secrets

Vaginal Fingering Techniques, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

A First Timers Guide to Vaginal Fisting, Kink, etc.
Ms. Q & A: Is Vaginal Fisting Safe?, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Sensual Fisting, Sex-Kitten.net

Fluid Bonding

Five Ideas for Fantastic Foreplay, Conscious Intimacy
The best foreplay begins in the mind, Cara Sutra

G-spot 101, Sugar & Spice – Leather & Lace
Yes, the G-Spot Is Real, Penny for Your Dirty Thoughts

Gender/Sexual Identity
I’m a straight woman who has lesbian fantasies! Am I weird?, Cara Sutra
RuPaul is my gender hero…, Marie Franklin
You’re married to a women but you’re NOT a lesbian?, Bree Guildford

Genital Piercings
Sex Question Friday: How Common Are Genital Piercings?, Sex and Psychology

Group Sex/Orgies
Sex Laws: Are Orgies Illegal?, Condom Depot

Hand Jobs
Ask An Educator: Uncircumcised Hand Jobs, Secret Pleasures Boutique
Ms. Q & A: What’s Best for Hand Jobs? Lube or Lotion?, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind


Hookups/Friends With Benefits
5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Casual Sex, NoStringsDating.net
10 Things Only People Who Have Casual Sex Understand, NoStringsDating.net
Another Study Shows That ‘Hookup Culture’ Is a Myth, Time
Can You Be Friends with Benefits?, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
casual / capable sex, Sexy Little Ideas
Casual Sex Feminists?, Kitsch-Slapped
Can You Find Sexual Adventure With Just One Partner?, A Sexy Woman of a Certain Age
Casual Sex Is Actually Excellent for You, If You Love Casual Sex, Pacific Standard
Do as I say, not as I do: The pushy double standards that guys will just have to put up with, CAVA Supernova
Friends with Benefits: The Rules, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Got any photos I can jerk off to…?’ Thirteen tragic chat-up lines decoded, Cava Supernova
How to get no strings sex on the internet (Part #1: the basic fails you MUST avoid), Cava Supernova
How to get no-strings sex on the internet (Part #2: the irresistible, four-sentence profile), Cava Supernova
How to get no-strings sex on the internet (Part #3: the simple-but-awesome message), Cava Supernova
How to get no strings sex online Part #4: How to close the deal like a pro, Cava Supernova
How To Have Hot, Ethical Casual Sex, A Sexy Woman of a Certain Age
Study: Casual sex is good for those who like casual sex, Digital Journal
What Sex Scenes From “Orange is the New Black” Can Teach Us About Hooking Up, NoStringsDating.net

5 Awesome Sex Positions For Different Penis Shapes, NoStringsDating.net
Coital Alignment Technique, Condom Depot
Intercourse is a mating act, Ways Women Orgasm
Intercourse is defined by male responses, Ways Women Orgasm
The Sex CEO™ – Sexual Positions, Shannel The Sex CEO

Women’s Desire for emotional intimacy, Ways Women Orgasm

5 Common Kinks–& What To Know Before You Try,Refinery 29
Are You Having Boring Sex?, Refinery 29

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kissing, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind


A (Short) Primer on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Culture in America, The Jury Expert
Become an Ally to LGBT and Other Marginalized Communities, Club Mom
Common Questions about Gay Sex, Queerky
I may never suck another cock, but I’m still bi as fuck, Sex in Words
Q: Safer sex for transgender women?, Condom Depot
The Growing Pains of Being a Transgender Ally, The Daily Dot
Why We Fear and Envy the Bisexual, Sex-Kitten.net

Lingerie, Sexy Clothing & Shoes
A Good Woman’s Dirty Boutique’s Guide to Buying Plus-Size Lingerie, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

Long-Distance Relationships
Date Ideas For When You’re In a Long-Distance Relationship, Condom Depot
Long distance (self) loving, Bree Guildford

Ask An Educator: Silicone Lube With Silicone Toys, Secret Pleasures Boutique
Boost Your Sexual Arousal, Sugar & Spice – Leather & Lace
Conquer Vaginal Dryness this Valentine’s Day, Condom Depot
Cozy Conversations with Carlyle — Lubes, Good For Her
Diving into the Realm of DIY Lube, Condom Depot
How Do I Choose a Lubricant That Won’t Stain My Sheets?, Lubezilla
How Much Lube Is Too Much Lube? (Video), Condom Depot
How to Have Smoother, Hotter, Sex With Lube, NoStringsDating.net
How to Use a Condom, LovehoneyTv
Live, Love, Lube, Sugar & Spice – Leather & Lace
Marijuana infused sex lube is a real thing. Toke of the Town
Now that’s a sexual high! Lubricant laced with cannabis oils makes women more relaxed – and can lead to multiple orgasms, Daily Mail
Pick the Right Lube for Your Sex Toys, Little Shop of O’s
Q: Lube expiration dates, Condom Depot
Removing Lube Stains, Condom Depot
Some Lubes Are Safer For Anal Sex, SaferSex.education
The Coconut Oil Craze, Condom Depot
The Condom Depot Guide to Personal Lubricants, Condom Depot
Top 10 Alternative Uses for Lube, Condom Depot
Wetter Is Better: How To Choose The Right Lube, SaferSex.education
Wetter is Better: How to Choose the Best Lube, HuffPost Women
What Materials Are Safe For My Body – The Lube Edition!, Secret Pleasures
What’s in Your Lube?, Little Shop of O’s
Which is the Best Lube?, Lovehoney

Luxuriate in a Soy Candle Wax Massage, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

6 Reasons Why Masturbation Should Be Part of Sex Ed – At Any Age #AdultSexEdMonth, Kinkly
A motion for masturbation – the naked truth: Jane Langton at TEDx, TEDx Talks
A motion for masturbation – the naked truth: Jane Langton at TEDxSFU, William Quincy Belle
Are you a better lover if you abstain from masturbation?, The Sydney Morning Herald
Change Up Your Masturbation Techniques, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Masturbation as a Sex Guide, Conscious Intimacy
Masturbation Facts & Statistics, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Masturbation Education For May!, As You Like It
Let’s Take the Shame Out of Masturbation, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
S2 E21 Marvelous World of Female Masturbation with @TheCaraSutra, Mr n Mrs Romance
Masturbation Facts & Statistics, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Too Much Masturbation?, Condom Depot
You’re Doing It Wrong!: 4 Ways To Mess Up Masturbation, SaferSex.education

Masturbation (Female)
How, When & Why Women Masturbate, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Listen to the Podcast: Marvellous World of Female Masturbation with Cara Sutra, Cara Sutra
Masturbation: Benefits Beyond Just Pleasure, Club Mom
Relatively few women masturbate, Ways Women Orgasm

Masturbation (Male)
5 Masturbation Secrets You Don’t Know About, Men’s Health
Guys – Get in Shape for National Masturbation Month, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Naturism & Nudism
Get Naked! – What to Expect Your First Time at a Nude Beach or Resort, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind


Oral Sex
Hot Oral Sex For Him & Her, Little Shop of O’s
We Aren’t Having Safe Oral Sex, Condom Depot

Faking Orgasms: Who Does it & Why?, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Orgasm for dummies: Neuroscience explains why sex feels good, Salon
The Nitty Gritty on Orgasms, Making Sense of the Science of Sex
Two Roads to Orgasm, Psychology Today

Orgasms (Female)
7 Factors Affecting Orgasm in Women, Psychology Today
7 Tips for “Thinking Yourself Off”, The Unlaced Librarian
10 Explosive Female Orgasms You Must Know, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
20 Hints For Achieving A Female Orgasm, Condom Depot
Ask The Sex CEO™ – Intense Orgasms, Shannel The Sex CEO
Boobgasms- The Breast Induced Orgasm, Condom Depot
Bravado and Faking, Ways Women Orgasm
Clitoridiennes, Heather Brewer
Company Creates Nasal Gel That Increases Female Orgasm, Your Tango, Your Tango
How Orgasms Feel, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
How to Use Female Orgasm Boosters, Lovehoney
In Praise of the Cunnilingus Connoisseur, The Passionate Wife
Misconceptions about Orgasm, Ways Women Orgasm
Orgasms for Breakfast, Red Lipstick Project
Physical stimulation – how the BODY is involved in orgasm, Ways Women Orgasm
Orgasm during sex – the research findings, Ways Women Orgasm
Orgasms Part 1: Why Women Fake Orgasms, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Orgasms Part 2: What Men Think of Women Who Fake Orgasms, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Orgasms Part 3: Are There Ways to Have Orgasms or Make Them Better?, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Psychological arousal – how the MIND is involved in orgasm, Ways Women Orgasm
Saying yes to the female orgasm, The Sydney Morning Herald
Sex drive – sexual motivation to achieve orgasm, Ways Women Orgasm
Sex is not just about orgasm, Ways Women Orgasm
The Secrets to Better, Stronger Orgasms For Women, My Secret Luxury
The Sex CEO™ – Health Benefits of Orgasms, Shannel The Sex CEO
The Sex CEO™-Ask The Sex CEO – Vaginal Orgasms, do they happen?, Shannel The Sex CEO
We assume that women should orgasm through intercourse, Ways Women Orgasm
What Are The Different Types of Orgasm?, Lelo
Women orgasm less often than men do, Ways Women Orgasm
Women take longer to orgasm than men, Ways Women Orgasm

Orgasms (Male)
What A Male Orgasm Feels Like, Your Tango

Parents & Sex

Below The Belt: 7 Things You Never Knew About The Penis, Your Tango
20 Things to Know About the Penis, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Does Penis Size Matter?, My Secret Luxury
Does Penis Size Matter? Why Do We Care…, Kinsey Confidential
Does Size Matter?: The Joys of Less-Endowed Lovers, Symone Kitty Nelson
Guys, You Really Aren’t Coming Up Short, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Length vs Girth: The Great Debate, Condom Depot
Penis Size Study Shows Women Want One Thing For Flings, Another For Long Relationships, HuffPost Science
Smaller Package, Better Lover?, HuffPost Women
So, You’ve Got Penoscrotal Webbing? No Problem., Condom Depot
What’s More Sensitive Than The Clitoris?, Devi Ward Tantra

Pheromones, Odors & Smells
Pheromones… Nature’s Magic?, Sugar & Spice – Leather & Lace
Sex Smell, Sexy Little Ideas

Phone Sex
Married Couple’s Phone Sex Did Not Force Divorce Clock to Reset, Verdict
On Couples, Porn, Masturbation, & Phone Sex (Or “What’s The Deal With Phone Sex? Part Three”), Sex-Kitten.net
PSO – S.O.S, Chloe Luv
Should You Become A Phone Sex FemDom?, Phone Sex Secrets

The Frisky Fairy Discusses: So You Think You May Be Poly…, Frisky Fairy

Adult Sex Ed Month: Porn and Sexual Well-Being, Peep’s Scoop
Gay Porn Sex Vs. Real Gay Sex: When The Fantasy Doesn’t Work, NoStringsDating.net
Is It Really True That Watching Porn Will Shrink Your Brain?, Wired
Of Feminism & Inequality In Porn & Sex Work, Sex-Kitten.net
Penn & Teller: Bullshit! War on Porn, William Quincy Belle
Porn For Peculiar People, Eros Blog
Porn vs Real Sex, Little Shop of O’s
Sexuality Tomorrow: Masculinity and The New Dawn of Ethical Porn and Prostitution, Psychology Tomorrow
Study Shows Link Between Religiosity, Perceived Porn Addiction, Kinsey Confidential
The Truth About “Monster Porn”, Storybook Whorehouse
We need to stop calling pornography an ‘epidemic’, The Daily Dot
What Goes on in Porn Stays in Porn, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
What you can learn from a man who’s watched over 16,000 hours of porn, GQ UK
X-Ray Porn.A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
What’s The Deal With Watching Amateur Porn?, Sex-Kittin.net

Post-Coital Tristesse (PCT)
Post Coital Tristesse (PCT), Condom Depot


Probing the Prostate: Source of Pleasure and Problems, Condom Depot

Pubic Hair/Shaving
Close Shaves: Brazilians go out of fashion, SexToys.co.uk
Vaginal Grooming: How Safe Are Down-There Beautification Trends?
The Great Public Pubic Debate, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind, Health

Refractory Period
Guest Post: The Switch in My Head, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

Couples that sleep together, stay together: Spouses are more likely to slumber in sync if the wife is satisfied with their marriage, Daily Mail
How My Husband and I Got Our Sexy Spark Back, Kinkly
Independent … But Still Married, Andee Sexy Northern Angel
A Lesson in Chemistry: Lust, Limerance and Love, The Lifestyle Coaches
Taking Relationships & Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Seriously, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
One Guy’s Guide to Romance, Little Shop of O’s
The Sex Talk – Are You A Serial Monogamist, The Sex Talk Web Series
Trust, respect & kinks, Bree Guildford
What’s Behind Winter Romance?, Sex-Kitten.net

Role Playing
What Role Will You be Playing on Valentine’s Day?, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

Safer Sex
4 Safer Sex Tips for Women Who Sleep With Women, Kinkly
6 Ways To Make Safer Sex Sexy, SaferSex.education
Best Lines Of Defense Against Partner’s Excuses Not To Practice Safer Sex, SaferSex.education
Cooper’s Safer Sex Kit – Condoms & Dental Dams & Gloves & Alcohol Swabs, Life on the Swing Set
Dear T.O. Boys, FACT: The risk of contracting an STI when performing oral sex on a man who has an STI (e.g., chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV) comes from having ejaculate in the receptive partners mouth., Dear T.O. Boys
Drink and be merry: How to party safer, SaferSex.education
Effective Comebacks For Condom Evaders, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
How To Tell A Sex Partner I Have an STD, SaferSex.education
SaferSex.education: #AdultSexEdMonth Required Reading, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Scrogaurd: More Harm Than Good?, Condom Depot
STUDY: Who Has The Safest Sex?, Condom Depot
The Sexy Girl’s Guide to Safe Sex, The Vodka Press

Dear T.O. Boys, FACT: You can be allergic to your own semen., Dear T.O. Boys
How To Make Your Semen Taste Delicious, LovehoneyTV

Sex After 50 & Beyond
A Proud Member of the Sexual Sisterhood, Little Shop of O’s

Breaking Age Barriers: “Sexy Has No Expiration Date, Kinsey Confidential
Bring on the Sexy-Adult Sex Ed Month, Walker Thornton
Busting Sex Myths For Baby Boomers, Psychology Today
How is Your Sex Life at 50+ ?, Midlife Boulevard
How to Satisfy Your Sexual Needs When Your Old Rulebook Says No, Senior Planet
How Women Post-50 Embrace Their Bare Sexuality, HuffPost Live
‘I discovered orgasms in my 70s!’ The secret – and VERY active – sex lives of the over-60s revealed in fascinating new study, Daily Mail
I’m Over 50. Do I Still Need To Use Condoms?, Your Tango
Jane Fonda’s Sex Advice to Conan: It’s Not All About the Boners, Jezebel
Listen Up, Men: Older Women Enjoy Sex!, HuffPost Post50
My Mother And Her Vibrator, Psychology Today
My sexual awakening at 70, Salon
Over 50? Rediscover Your Sexual Self, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Sex at 60: A Personal Reflection #AdultSexEdMonth, Kinkly
Sex And The Single Boomer Woman, A Sexy Woman of a Certain Age
Sex Makes You Younger!, Sex is a Red-Blooded Thing
Sexed-up seniors do it more than you’d think, NBC News
There’s no need to whisper it anymore – older women like sex, Independent
The complicated sex life of baby boomers, The Boston Globe
Walker Thornton: It Gets Better After 50, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Why I Started Exploring My Sexual Fantasies In Middle Age, HuffPost Post 50
Women ‘of a Certain Age’ Posing Naked For Self Acceptance, Psychology Today
Your Absurdly Odd and Fascinating Questions About Sex, Walker Thornton

Sex & Alcohol

Sex & Disabilities
7 Ways My Disability Makes My Sexuality Awesome, The Unlaced Librarian
Disability and Sexual Objectification, The Unlaced Librarian
Sex & Disabilities, Sex-Kitten.net
Why Sex With Someone With a Disability Is the Best Sex You Could Be Having!, HuffPost Gay Voices

Sex & Erotica
Is Erotica Bad for the Brain?, HuffPost Lifestyle United Kingdom

Sex & Fitness
10 Yoga Poses for an Amazingly Better Sex Life, Nerve
Ask The Sex CEO™ – How to do proper Kegels, Shannel The Sex CEO
The Pelvic Floor: Foundation For Great Health & Sky-High Orgasms, Sex-Kitten.net
Sex Basics: What are pelvic floor exercises and why are they important?, Cara Sutra
Sex Positions That Double as Exercise, Fitness
The Benefits of Kegels, Condom Depot
Yoga Poses for Better Sex, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Your Better-Sex Workout: Why Try It?, Fitness

Sex & Food
A Recipe For Better Sex, Lelo

Sex & Mental Health
BDSM Correlated With Better Mental Health, Says Study, Fleshlife
Exercise Improves Sexual Function for Women on Antidepressants, Kinsey Confidential
How Sex Affects Intelligence, and Vice Versa, The Atlantic
No Sex in School – or in the Therapist’s Office, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
What Is Sex Addiction?, Everyday Health

Sex & Music
Where the magic gets made, Stephen Snyder, MD

Sex & Physiology
how the BODY is involved in orgasm, Ways Women Orgasm
Let’s Talk About the Cervix and Pleasure For Once!, SaferSex.education
Marriage an alien notion for Indian tribe, Aljazeera
The Science of Orgasms, Sex in Words
What Are Endorphins?, LovehoneyTV
Your Brain on Sex, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

Sex & Politics
Louisiana Legislature Passes Two More Anti-Choice Bills (Updated), RH Reality Check
Prostitution: People, people, people, what are we doing?, William Quincy Belle
Should the prostitution law debate hear from johns?, CBC News
The Great Australian Sex Census reveals the sex habits of Australians, Herald Sun
Woman Sues Georgia City for Requiring Doctor’s Prescription to Buy a Vibrator, Sex-Kitten.net

Sex & Pregnancy
On Postpartum Healing and Sex, Playboy Mommy

Sex & Science
The science of sex – chemistry, Belle De Soir

Sex & Society
Educating About Sex In A Rape Culture, Good Vibrations
5 “Evolutionary Psychology” Studies That Will Make Your Brain Hurt, Gamma Squad
Evo-psyche babble: Cave men preferred Playboy bunnies, Marie Franklin
Is Generation X “Generation SeXless”?, Sex-Kitten.net
“Its color was its size”: The twisted myth of the small Asian penis, Salon
Men, stop lecturing women about reading romance novels, The Washington Post
Not All Lefty Man-Hating Feminists Enjoy Porn; Minds Of Conservatives Blown, Sex-Kitten.net
Of Feminism & Inequality In Porn & Sex Work, Sex-Kitten.net
Sex Stories: Why Is Social Media So Afraid of Sex (Ed)?, Sexual Health Rankings
Sex: The Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time Discussion, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Sex Workers: The Last Bastion of Politically Correct Bashing, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Slut Shaming and Other Social Stigmas, Condom Depot
Tell Twitter to end the ban on contraception advertising, RH Reality Check
The Battle Over Dress Codes, The New York Times
The Dangers of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Condom Depot
The Sex, The Whole Sex, and Nothing But The Sex, William Quincy Belle
Touch Isolation: How Homophobia Has Robbed All Men Of Touch, The Good Men Project
‘We’re all a bunch of perverts,’ Guelph sexuality conference attendees told.The Record
What is sexual pleasure?, Ways Women Orgasm
Young Americans create Lindsay Lohan-inspired ‘sex lists’, The Telegraph

Sex & Spirituality
On eros, spirituality, and crying during sex, Stephen Snyder, MD
Sacred Sexuality & Sex, Psychology Tomorrow
Why Do (Some) Feminists Struggle With The Notion Of Sex Work?,Cult of Gracie

Sex Apps & Games
Ducks talk about sex…kind of, University of Oregon Health Center
Sex 101: The new sex blogger, writer & adult education RSS feed reader app for iOS & Android, Cara Sutra
Sexism Takes The Sexy Out Of Cosplay, Storybook Whorehouse
The Sexual Intelligence Test, I Married a Sex God
The 3 Best Sex Games To Play With Your Partner, Your Tango
There’s a Sexy App for That?, Sex in Words

Sex Etiquette

Sex Facts
14 Embarrassing Sex Questions – Answered!, LifeScript
16 Lies We Need to Stop Teaching Boys about Sex, Nerve
20 Unbelievably Terrifying Sex Facts. #6 Is The Worst., Your Tango
Does The G-Spot Really Exist?, LovehoneyTV
Sex Around the World, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Sorry, ladies, you CAN’T tell a man’s biggest secret from his shoe size: The scientific truth behind 10 myths about sex, Daily Mail

Sex Injuries

Sex Life
5 ‘Deviant’ Sex Acts That Science Says Are Good For You, Cracked
6 summer sex trends of 2014, Philly.com
Am I Normal?, Club Mom
Are You More Adventurous In Bed Than Your Partner? You’re Not Alone, Yahoo! Lifestyle UK & Ireland
Orgasm: Dental Floss for Her Mental Health, I Married a Sex God
Sex Etiquette for Roommates, NoStringsDating.net
There is more to lesbian sex than strap-ons!, Bree Guildford
Why do men want sex in the morning while women get frisky at night?, The Daily Record

Sex Tapes

Sex Tips & Tricks
2 Minutes Or Less!, Sex is a Red Blooded Thing
5 Things Men Should Do More of in Bed, NoStringsDating.net
5 Tips for Super Hot Doggy Style Sex, NoStringsDating.net
5 ways a woman can watch, Sexy Little Ideas
6 Sex Tips You’ll Only Hear From a Porn Star, Women’s Health
6 Ways to Have Radically Intimate Sex, Elephant Journal
7 Sex Mistakes Men Make, Web MD
8 Reasons You’re Not Having Sex — & How To Fix Them, Refinery 29
8 Things America Gets Wrong About Sex, HuffPost Women
8 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
10 Tips for Steamy Shower Sex, NoStringsDating.net
10 ways to make couples foreplay truly sensational for both of you, Cara Sutra
All in a day’s work: Sex tips & tricks I learned from my customers PART 2, Symone Kitty Nelson
10 Hot Sex Positions That Will Have You In A Twist, Your Tango
Ask Cara: 10 top tips to feel sexy immediately, Cara Sutra
Beyond Plain Vanilla: 8 New Things to Learn in the Bedroom, Kinkly
Cosmo’s Six Silliest Sex Tips And How To Take Them To Eleven, Condom Depot
Dear T.O. Boys, FACT: The two largest sexual organs at the skin, and the brain. If you opt not to properly stimulate either, no amount of genital play will help you get to the happiest possible ending., Dear T.O. Boys
Here’s What Every Man Should Know Before Having Sex With A Woman, HuffPost Woman
Exploring Sex Play, Ways Women Orgasm
Hot Hot Tub Sex, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Getting Busy When The Kids Are Home, Condom Depot
Great Sex Isn’t Always Just About Sex, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Hair Play, I Married a Sex God
How to Get Some Strange but Stay Monogamous, I Married a Sex God
How to Give a Blowjob That Will Blow His Mind, Sugar & Spice – Leather & Lace
How My Husband and I Got Our Sexy Spark Back, Kinkly
How Often Men Think About Sex, The Atlantic
How to Go Deeper During Sex, NoStringsDating.net
How to ReKindle Your Sexual Spark., Safersex.education
How To Last Longer in Bed, LovehoneyTV
How to Worship a Man’s Body, I Married a Sex God
It’s Time to Get Creative! June is Adult Sex Education Month!, Pamela Madsen
Ask An Educator: Building Male Sexual Endurance, Secret Pleasures Boutique
Lead and Follow in Dancing (and Sex), I Married A Sex God
Ms. Q & A: She’s Bored With the Same Old Sex Routine, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Ms. Q & A: She’s Too Tired for Sex, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
One Question You Could Ask a Sex Partner That Could Improve Your Sex Life, AlterNet
Our Favorite Adult Toys | Singles Week at Condom Depot, Condom Depot
Overpass Position, Kinkly
Putting Playfulness and Creativity in Your Sex Life, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Relationship ‘give & take’ – keeping your sex life alive, Ways Women Orgasm
Revive Your Stale Bedroom, Condom Depot
Safe Shower Sex, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Sex Advice I Would Give My Younger Self, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Sex is not just about orgasm, Ways Women Orgasm
Sexual Instructions, I Married a Sex God
Sexual Preparedness, I Married a Sex God
Sex Tips From Feminist Porn Stars Will Help You Fight the Patriarchy in Your Bedroom, PolicyMic
Sexual Bucket List: 50 Things to Do Before You Die, Sugar & Spice – Leather & Lace
Ten terrible ‘sex tips’ and how to completely ignore them, The Vibe
The 3 Best Sex Games To Play With Your Partner, Your Tango
The Kama Sutra and Size Compatibility, Condom Depot
The Ladies’ Guide to Initiating Sex, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
The One, Undeniable Thing That Men Want In Bed and How to Give It to Them, The Good Men Project
The Sex Talk, Tom Ska
Too Tired for Sex, Playboy Mommy
Vixen’s Guide To Messy Sex – Part One, Sex-Kitten.net
Vixen’s Guide To Messy Sex – Part Three, Sex-Kitten.net
What Men & Women Really Want, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
What’s for dessert?, Stephen Snyder, MD
What’s YOUR signature sex move? Don’t have one yet? Sexpert Tracey Cox is here to help…, Daily Mail
Why Romance is Important for Sex, Condom Depot
Why Vacation Sex Is So Important, Refinery 29

Sex Toys
5 Top Reasons Cheap Sex Toys Are A Waste Of Money And Time, My Secret Luxury
#AdultSexEdMonth – The Rise of the 3D Print Out Sex Toy Industry, Wild and Lawless Writers
Are Your Sex Toys As Hygienic As They Should Be?, LovehoneyTV
Ask An Educator: 18 & Nervous About Going to a Sex Shop, Secret Pleasures Boutique
Ask An Educator: How to Dispose of Toys, Secret Pleasures Boutique
Become a Sex Toy Expert with Lovehoney’s Great Big A-Z of Sex Toys, Lovehoney
Beginners Guide to Anal Sex Toys, Little Shop of O’s
Beginner’s Guide to Prostate Massagers, LovehoneyTV
Care and Cleaning Your Sex Toys, Little Shop of O’s
Connection = Tension + Compression, I Married a Sex God
Dildos In 3D? 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex Toys, Your Tango
Clearing Up The Confusion About Magic Wands & Funky Japanese Vibrator Attachments, Sex-Kitten.net
DIY Erection Rings, Condom Depot
Do You Know How to Store Your Sex Toys Safely?, LovehoneyTV
Dr. X and the world’s first bionic strap-on, The Daily Dot
Electrify your sex life! A guide to Electro-Sex Toys, Symone Kitty Nelson
Erection Rings and Vibrating Rings Size Chart, Condom Depot
Essential BDSM Toys for Newbies & Occasional Players, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Good Vibrations Celebrates June 16th – 22nd as International Strap-On Week, Pucker Up
Goin’ to the Porn Store!, I Married a Sex God
Here’s What Every Man Should Know Before Having Sex With A Woman, HuffPost
Hi-Tech and High Quality: Driving New Trends in Sex Toys, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
How Do Penis Pumps Work?, Angel’s Sex Toys
How to Buy & Size a Cock Ring, Sugar & Spice – Leather & Lace
How to Use Kegel Balls, LovehoneyTV
How to Clean Sex Toys, Lovehoney
How to Use Sex Toys During Casual Sex, NoStringsDating.net
How to Use Sex Toys With a Partner, NoStringsDating.net
I use sex toys during masturbation but I’m in a relationship. Is it cheating?, Cara Sutra
Learn How To Pick A Dildo, As You Like It
Lights, Camera….Silicone! I Talk Non-Porous Toys for Burlesque Toy Shop, The Redhead Bedhead
Is It Safe To Use Sex Toys During Pregnancy?, LovehoneyTV
Love Sex: Vibrator Materials, TheATouchofRomance
Sex Basics: How to clean your sex toys properly, Cara Sutra
How To Stop Coming Too Fast, LovehoneyTV
How to Use a Prostate Massager, Lovehoney
How to Use Kegel Balls, LovehoneyTV
Make Your Own Adult Toy | Singles Week at Condom Depot, Condom Depot
Pumping And You, Mr. Will’s House of Thrills
Recommended Sex Toys!, Sex is a Red-Blooded Thing
Sex Toys are for Everyone, Sex Toy Nitty Gritty
Sex Toy Taste Test!, Sex in Words
Sex Toy Trivia, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
The Bite Size Guide to Sex Toys and Bedroom Essentials, Cara Sutra
Sex Toys and Body Size, Dangerous Lilly
Sex Kittens Get A Little Help Getting Wet, Sex-Kitten.net
Sex Toy Material Care and Cleaning, Kink, etc.
Sex Toys for Men: Sleeve Edition, NoStringsDating.net
Share Your Sex Toys!, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Squeaky Clean, Sugar & Spice ~ Leather & Lace
The $26 Sex Swing Solution, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
The Weirdest Sex Toy Laws In The World, Refinery 29
Top 10 Sex Toy DOs, LoveHoneyTV
Top 10 Sex Toy DON’TS, LovehoneyTV
Toys for Boys, Club Mom
Traveling With Sex Toys, Little Shop of O’s
Treat Your Adult Toy To A Romantic Evening |Singles Week at Condom Depot, Condom Depot
Vibrators For Men? Why Not?, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
“Women can only orgasm with penis shaped vibrators”, Cara Sutra
What Does A Vibrator Look Like On The Inside?, LovehoneyTV

Sex Words & Terms
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Aethrine, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Analipsation, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Basiation, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Candaulism, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Carissima, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Colpoheterophrenia, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Firkytoodle, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Godemiche, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Hirquitalliency, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Honeyfuggler, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Inequitatio, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Isodromia, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Kainotophilia, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: kolpocingulaphoria, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Myzoerigentic,Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Ophelimity, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Orcheoknismos, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Orgasmicity, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Paraeunia, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Phallosugia, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Polyfidelitous, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Pygophilemate, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Suaviate, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Tentiginous, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Tromboning, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Typhlobasia, Sex in Words
#AdultSexEdMonth Word of the Day: Zazzle, Sex in Words
Dear T.O. Boys, Today’s #AdultSexEd post is a vocabulary lesson. Today’s word is “injaculation”, Dear T.O. Boys
Male Masturbator, Kinkly
Switch, Kinkly
Trampling, Kinkly
Vaginal Rejuvenation, Kinkly

Sex Workers
9 Lies We Have To Stop Telling About Sex Workers, Policy Mic
11 Powerful Documentaries That Will Change the Way You Think About Sex Work, Policy Mic
A Booking With A Sex Worker in a Decriminalised State, TheNaughtyCorner
Dear Gloria Steinem, What About Handjobs & Sword Swallowers?, Cult of Gracie
“Dumb Sluts Don’t Understand Obama Care”: Myth-Information Regarding Sex Workers & The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Cult of Gracie
Female Escorts: Making Sure What You See is What You Get, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Gigolos, Escorts, and This Is About Me., William Quincy Belle
Sex workers like New Zealand law, not Canada’s new ‘Nordic model’ for prostitution, CBC News
Sex Workers: The Last Bastion of Politically Correct Bashing, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
What Makes Men Good Escort Clients, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

Sexological Bodyworkers
Sexual Ethics: A Woman’s Guide to Keeping it Safe with a Hands on Touch Practitioner, Back to the Body

#SexTalkNaija – It’s Not Just a Nigerian Thing, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

A Brief History of Sexting, The Atlantic
Sexting – The Modern Tease, Dames Unrestrained
Texting: Someone Who Wants to Date You vs. Someone Who Wants to Hook Up, A Good Woman’ Dirty Mind
What is Sexting?, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

Sexual Assault/Rape
Reacting to Rape: How to Support the Survivor in Your Life, Kinkly

Sexual Dysfunction
Combatting Sexual Dysfunction With Your Partner, Condom Depot
Men’s Most Common Sexual Problems (Infographic), Sex & Psychology

Sexual Health
6 Women’s Health Myths You Can Stop Believing Right Now, Oprah
10 Ways More Sex Can Improve Your Health, Men’s Health
21 Benefits to Having Sex, BlogHer
A Detailed Look at Sex Injuries, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Ask An Educator: Decrease in Desire, Secret Pleasures Boutique
Ask An Educator: Vaginal Dryness, Secret Pleasures Boutique
Couples Who Sleep Together?, Sex in Words
Dear T.O. Boys, FACT: A chlamydia infection is often asymptomatic in it’s early stages but can result in painful UTIs later on., Dear T.O. Boys
Dear T.O. Boys, FACT: STI bacteria/virii can live for over 48 hours on the surfaces of sex toys., Dear T.O. Boys
Dear T.O. Boys, FACT: Men demonstrate enhanced functioning of their immune systems right after orgasm., Dear T.O. Boys
Dear T.O. Boys, Seeing red after a particular intense session between the sheets with your female partner? Dear T.O. Boys
Dear T.O. Boys, FACT: Those Kegel exercises aren’t just for women., Dear T.O. Boys
Dear T.O. Boys, FACT: While modern medicine has made significant advancements when it comes to treating some STIs, genital herpes still does not have a cure., Dear T.O. Boys
Dyspareunia or Painful Intercourse, Club Mom
Herpes – My Biggest Fear is Judgment from Friends – STD Interviews, The STD Project
How to Keep Your Private Parts Healthy, Men’s Health
How To Tell A Sex Partner I Have an STD, SaferSex.education
How well do you really know your body?, Eligible Magazine
Interesting Facts About Vaginal Health, Walker Thornton
Just How Risky Is It? Studies Shed Light on HIV Risk and Prevention, Beta Blog
Top 10 Myths About Safe Sex and Sexual Health, Health
New Evidence Suggests Lyme Disease is a STD, Condom Depot
No WONDER We Think About Sex So Much, Upworthy
Spotting an ESP, I Married a Sex God
Talking About the Cervix (without pregnancy or cancer), The Redhead Bedhead
Talking to Your Doctor About Sexual Problems, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
The Dangers of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Truvada: HIV Preventative in Pill Form, Condom Depot
Vaginal Health: 10 Do’s and Don’ts, Condom Depot
What are Fordyce Spots? (NSFW), Condom Depot
“What is THAT?”- Finding False Flags after Fornicating (NSFW), Condom Depot
When To Get Tested For STIs/STDs, SaferSex.education
Your Doctor May Be Wrong – Comprehensive Health Information & Examples, Secret Pleasures Boutique

5 Things Being a Sex Educator Taught Me About My Own Sexuality, For Harriet
5 Off-Beat Sex Trends, Men’s Health
Asexuality and Gray-Sexuality, I Married a Sex God
Being dissed for being a “slut” makes me want more promiscuous sex, Cava Supernova
Calibrating Your Sex-Dar, part 1, I Married a Sex God
Do Men And Women Really Think Differently About,Your Tango
Exploring Sex Play, Ways Women Orgasm
Extremely Sexual People, I Married a Sex God
Female Erotic Energy As a Tool of Empowerment, Pamela Madsen
Great Sex Isn’t Always Just About Sex, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Highly Sexual Females, I Married a Sex God
How Alexa Chung inspires me to be a perv and a prude, Rude Magazine
How to Make a Woman Come–Even If You Are That Woman. AKA Things I Learned from Science, Sex, and The Ladies, In Bed With Married Women
Is it Love for Sex or Sex For Love?, Elephant Journal
Move over metrosexual, spornosexual is here, Toronto Sun
How our genes could make us gay or straight, Washington Post
romance and sensuality, Sexy Little Ideas
Rape Fantasies Are Normal, Even If You’ve Been Raped, Sex-Kitten.net
Raunchy tapes, naked selfies and sex on the first date: Australia’s naughtiest sex secrets revealed, Daily Mail
Sex, Dying, and Death: An Integral Part of Living, Psychology Today
Sex News: Sexuality survey reveals shocking insights into women’s desires, Cara Sutra
Sexual Exploration, Conscious Intimacy
sexual motivation to achieve orgasm, Ways Women Orgasm
Sexual Self-Awareness, part 1, I Married a Sex God
Shedding Light on the Myths About Women Who Have a Lot of Sex, HuffPost Women
Slaves to Love, I Married a Sex God
So how often does he have sex on his mind?, The Telegraph
What Natural-Born Women Can Learn About Their Sexuality From a Transgender Woman, at Least on TV, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
What turns men on, really?, Stephen Snyder, MD
Women’s desire for emotional intimacy, Ways Women Orgasm

Slut Shaming
5 Ways Our Society Unfairly Punishes Women For Their Sexuality, Think Progress
Are Boys Keys And Girls Locks?, Jamie Stroud
Bob Jones University told rape victims to repent and look for ‘root sin’ that caused their attack, The Raw Story
Debunking Slut Shaming and Sex Blogger Beliefs & Myths, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Fox News’ Keith Ablow is a Butt-Head, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
John Fugelsang: We’re in the golden age of slut-shaming, William Quincy Belle
Male Sexuality and How Shame Hurts Everyone, A Weapon of Mass Seduction
Shame And The Modern Woman: How Slut-Shaming Hurts You!, Your Tango
Read more: http://www.yourtango.com/experts/veronica-monet/shame-and-modern-woman-how-slut-shaming-hurts-you#ixzz35PkqP5v2
Stigmas On Sex: 4 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Slut-Shaming’, Your Tango
Sex Workers: The Last Bastion of Politically Correct Bashing, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Shrugging Off A Lifetime Of Sexual Shame, A Sexy Woman of a Certain Age
We’re in the Golden Age of Slut Shaming, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
What your science teacher told you about sex chromosomes is wrong, Vox
When it Comes to Sex: Elusive Stimulates Desire, Psychology Today

Does She Deserve a Spanking?, Men’s Health
Have You Been Naughty Enough for a Spanking?, Sugar & Spice – Leather & Lace
Spanking: A Hands-on Tutorial, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Spanking… for the fun of it, Bree Guildford

10 Reasons to Consider Swinging, BendSwingers
A Guide to Swinger Dating for Beginners, NoStringsDating.net

Hiring a Female Escort for Your Threesome, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
How To Have a Threesome, NoStringsDating.net

Triggers: The Things That Aren’t Kinks or Fetishes That Turn Us On, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

Underwater Sex
How to Have Safer Sex While Underwater, Condom Depot

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Her Vagina, Men’s Health
Coochie Confidential: Things You Must Know About the Vagina, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
IS MY VAGINA NORMAL?, Intimate Pleasures Desires of the Heart
The Secret Lives of Vaginas, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
Cultivating a Conscious Vagina, Pamela Madsen
The Grafenberg Spot – it’s not a place to watch Zeppelins, The Vibe
The Secret Lives of Vaginas, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind
The vagina is a reproductive organ, Ways Women Orgasm
Vaginas 101: How Much Do You Know?, NoStringsDating.net
Women See Their Vagina For First Time!, wickydkewl
Your Sweet Smelling Pussy, Sugar & Spice – Leather & Lace

Vaginal Dilators
Q: Can I use an organic olive oil-based cream with dilators?, Middlesex MD

For Vulva Owners: Getting Comfy “Down There”, Sexologist Vixenne

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